About Me

Mike Bobiney is the founder of Tap Through Apps, an iOS and mobile web application consulting business based out of Livonia, MI. He has done work in various capacities for Fortune 500 companies and local businesses in the Detroit area. Mike’s wide range of interests as it applies to software craftsmanship has lead him to begin experimenting with open source products. As a result, he’s taken it upon himself to bring the Detroit Ruby user group to Downtown Detroit where Mike helps organize monthly meetups.

In his spare time Mike enjoys running with his Garmin training watch, playing with his two dogs, mountain biking, photography and being involved with the developer community. He also enjoys playing Battlefield 3 on Xbox.

Thanks for visiting.

Others have said…

I’ve continued to be amazed at his knowledge of how to get stuff done in CSS. Also, he is really driven to refactor the code and simplify things. – Russ J.

Mike has great business knowledge and has always been able to point me in the right direction when I talk to him about
things in IT. – Matt P

Mike is a very innovative engineer. His creativity and ability to whip something up off of a concept is astounding. He never ceases to amaze me. – Jacqueline R.

Often his changes eliminated user confusion or misinterpretation. – Brad H.

Mike is very much a team player. He seeks out and promotes team coding conventions and standards. – Kevin V.

Mike ensured that his solutions would be easy to maintain and extend. – Duane L.

Mike takes genuine initiative in learning new technologies and updating his skill set. – Ramesh K.

Mike was very helpful in clarifying the jQuery questions I had. It’s nice to have someone keeping tabs on the new trends of UI-related technologies. – Roman I.

Mike is the guy if I need any suggestions or advice on JavaScript and jQuery. He always the take time to not just suggest a solution which works but also to explain why. – Suruchi A.

He is very dedicated and team orientated, always willing to help out and to go the extra mile. – Kenn O.

I wouldn’t blink if asked to partner with Mike again in the future, because having him on the project means it will be a success.
– Drew B.