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Blogging explained in plain english

To some extent, I’d like to think that this blog is meant for a wide range of visitors. So I’ve decided that in an effort to widen my audience, I’ll occasionally be posting material that is more suited to those without much technical knowledge and Internet savviness. With that said, here is a short 3 minute video from CommonCraft.com that breaks down the concept of blogging into simple, easy to understand terms.


Did you know… Facts about blogging

In my endeavor to become the ultimate blogging guru I came across some facts about just how popular blogging has become.

  • There are Bloggers Choice Awards awards given out to best blogs in a given category.
  • There are over 175,000 new blogs every day.
  • Bloggers update their blogs regularly at a rate of over 1.6 million posts per day, or over 18 updates a second.
  • People actually get paid to write blog posts usually for a pre-determined rate of pay.
  • It can take Google as long as 4-6 weeks to fully index your blog.
  • Google has their own blog search engine.
  • 83% of corporate bloggers saw a traffic increase to their site.
  • 6 million Americans get their news and information from RSS aggregators.
  • Blog promotion is just as important as its content.



It’s been five months and counting

… since this blog was first made and I’ve finally decided to get my hands dirty with PHP and start my very own WordPress blog. My opinion of WordPress has changed from the last time I tested out version one of their platform. I’ve always wanted to host one of my own for quite some time and I’m happy now that I have much more control over the blog than my previous host. The reason I chose WordPress was how easy it is to create my own skin and make customizations to their template engine. Upon some investigation I found that many of the features that I had in mind were already available in the wordpress plugins directory. This meant more time focused on the content and less on the “how to”.

If you’re interested in starting to customize your own WordPress blog then there is no better resource then the wordpress documentation codex on their website. You can find my “Chilled v1.0” theme that this blog is currently using in the downloads section. And finally, no WordPress blog would be complete without a twitter plugin.