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My blog has a new look!

You can see the difference from how it was for the last three years.


Around a week ago I set out to update my blog’s theme and I was able to find a quality theme and customize it to my liking without much trouble. This speaks to the big advantage of using WordPress to power your blog. It has matured so much and has an enormous user base now that if you have a need for your blog, then chances are there is a plugin or article on ways to customize it to your liking.

However popularity doesn’t come without some risk. When a product becomes as big as WordPress, your likeliness of being hit with an attack increases dramatically. The automatic background update feature has been around since WordPress 3.7 and automates the process of patching your blog with the latest security fixes and then sends you an email confirmation when it has completed. Now I have the peace of mind that my blog is staying reasonably secure.

Automation is a beautiful thing.


It’s been five months and counting

… since this blog was first made and I’ve finally decided to get my hands dirty with PHP and start my very own WordPress blog. My opinion of WordPress has changed from the last time I tested out version one of their platform. I’ve always wanted to host one of my own for quite some time and I’m happy now that I have much more control over the blog than my previous host. The reason I chose WordPress was how easy it is to create my own skin and make customizations to their template engine. Upon some investigation I found that many of the features that I had in mind were already available in the wordpress plugins directory. This meant more time focused on the content and less on the “how to”.

If you’re interested in starting to customize your own WordPress blog then there is no better resource then the wordpress documentation codex on their website. You can find my “Chilled v1.0” theme that this blog is currently using in the downloads section. And finally, no WordPress blog would be complete without a twitter plugin.