Remote Work Gear

Remote Work Gear

Happened to come across an article from a writer at Slack on lessons that he shared while working from home over the last 17 years!  It hit on some important topics like having a dedicated work space, guarding off hours and making yourself available / interacting with colleagues.

In it Matt gives a list of equipment that helps him be as productive as possible while doing his job.

Here's my personal setup that works for myself as a remote developer.

What I enjoy about this setup is with one cable I can charge my MacBook and output to both LG monitors at full resolution.  I'm admittedly a bit of a cable management perfectionist.  Additionally the webcam is powered via the dock and there's even a front facing USB port which any mobile developer will appreciate without needing to get into the whole dongle craziness (iPhone 11 still comes with a Lightning to USB cable) we are subjected to.  

One downside to the LG monitors however is there's no USB power on the back which would've made keeping the Lume Cube and webcam charged up much easier.  This could easily be resolved with a simple USB hub tacked onto the back though.  So perhaps I'm not quite out of the dongle lifestyle after all.

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