WindyCityGo Mobile Conference

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend WindyCityGo in Chicago, IL with a few hundred fellow mobile developers. The two primary sponsors of the event were Groupon and ThoughtWorks who both have a strong presence within the city. A couple of my takeaways from the event were..

  • Boyd’s Law of Iteration: speed of iteration beats quality of iteration.
  • Mobile analytics tools like Flurry are a great way to learn about your audience.. however they are under scrutiny from apple because of how they can potentially track new iPhone models before they’ve been announced.
  • Consider doing low tech prototypes of your app first by taking pictures of interface sketches and then flipping through them to get a feel for how your app will behave.
  • In some cases you can simply give your images a css width attribute of 100% to make them more responsive to mobile screen dimensions.
  • The LLVM compiler and LLDB come with XCode4, however you can’t use LLDB on iOS projects yet.

Best of all, I was able to contribute on an open source project that allows for real time chat between an iPhone app and a Ruby on Rails website. Go check out the Groupon Chat project up on GitHub.

[![](,w_200/v1557767220/pretty-happy-with-how-the-groupon-go-app-ende_xwjznw.jpg "GrouponGo-WindyCityGo")]([![](,w_300/v1557767220/chicago-boats_bpyd2f.jpg "chicago-boats")](
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